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Cultural activities

"Voyager, the never-ending journey" - Planetarium session at La Lèbe Observatory

The Observatoire de la Lèbe proposes the showing of the film "Voyager", a film about the most remarkable space mission in history, that of the Voyager 1 and 2 probes, followed by the intervention of a mediator.

For 1 hour, comfortably seated (reclining seats) under the 7-metre diameter dome, you will attend :

- The showing of the film "Voyager the never ending journey": In 1977, NASA launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to study the most distant planets of the Solar System. These two probes profoundly changed our view and knowledge of these distant worlds. Today, after more than 40 years, they are continuing their exploration of the farthest reaches of interstellar space, taking with them a message about a hypothetical form of extraterrestrial life.

- The intervention of a scientific mediator will allow you to discover the starry sky of the moment: constellations, planets, nebulae, galaxies and other deep sky objects.

The sessions are based on total interactivity with the public.

It is impossible to enter the room during a session that is in progress.

We advise you to arrive at the reception desk 15 minutes in advance.

Reservations can be made online.

All visitors aged 6 and over must wear a mask in the planetarium.

Open period

All year round, daily.

Check the website for upcoming sessions.


Reduced rate (children aged 4 to 16, students, jobseekers): €6
Adult rate: €7

Spoken languages

  • French
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