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The Grand Colombier incline from the base of Grand Colombier in the town of Béon to the rock of Chanduraz at 1245m above sea level.
This very steep trail is not to be advised to beginners.

This climb has a little more than 1000 m of elevation gain in less than 4 km from Béon to the heights. You will follow a dry stream up the hill to pass through the incredible pierced rock, an imposing rocky bar with an arch. Then arrive at the picturesque granges of Izena, before moving back and forth on the rock of Chanduraz to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Alps, the Rhône river winding in the south of Bugey. (The end of the cliff is inaccessible)

Poles are strongly recommended due to the many steep sections on the way up and down.

Open period

Closed temporarily.


  • Drop : 1000 m
  • Distance : 12.2 km
  • Daily duration : 165 mn


Free access.

Spoken languages

  • French