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Unipop Conference Cinema: The World of Xi Jinping

Unipop Conference Cinema: The World of Xi Jinping

Conference Xi Jinping's China, by Antoine Bondaz - Film: "Xi Jinping's World" by Sophie Lepault and Romain Franklin - 26/35

Lecture by Antoine Bondaz:
Deadly territorial disputes with India, increased military control of the South China Sea, renewed ambition to conquer Taiwan, strengthened presence in the Pacific, growing influence in international organisations, ambiguous position on the war in Ukraine, systemic rivalry with liberal democracies, confrontation in all areas with the United States, etc. Since coming to power in 2012, Xi Jinping's China has asserted itself on the international scene, raising concerns not only in the West but also among its neighbours. Understanding it better is essential to adapt to its emergence and try to limit international tensions.

Film: The World of Xi Jinping
by Sophie Lepault and Romain Franklin. France. 2021. 1h32. Format: File. Copy: Illegitimate Defence.
Xi Jinping, the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao, unveils his ambitions for China and for the world. After changing the constitution to become president for life, he takes advantage of the Covid crisis to accelerate the great unification: by intensifying the repression on the democrats of Hong Kong, on the Uyghurs of Xinjiang and by threatening to invade Taiwan. Xi Jinping believes in a Chinese nation unified in patriotism and loyalty to the Party. All minorities, religious, ethnic or ideological, must be assimilated into the dominant culture, willingly or unwillingly. While the vast majority of the Chinese population seems to embrace the Chinese dream of omnipotence, the international community has become aware of the true face of the Chinese president and the nature of his regime and is calling for a united front of democracies to contain Xi Jinping's China.

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