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Unipop Cinema Conference: The Suffragettes

Unipop Cinema Conference: The Suffragettes

Debate: Politics, the long march towards equality and parity - Film: Les Suffragettes by Sarah Gavron - 14bis/35

Debate: Politics: the long march towards equality and parity by Patrice Brun, Emilia Koustova and Bibia Pavard. Moderated by Héloïse Kolebka
As part of the 32nd History Film Festival: "Masculin-Féminin, toute une histoire" - With the magazine L'Histoire

Film: The Suffragettes
By Sarah Gavron. Great Britain. 2015. 1h46.VOSTF. Format : DCP. Copy : Pathé. With Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter...
At the beginning of the last century, in England, women from all walks of life decide to fight for the right to vote. Faced with their demands, the government's reactions are increasingly brutal and force them to go underground for an increasingly radical struggle.
Served by an exceptional cast, The Suffragettes retraces, for the first time in cinema, the little-known story that enabled women to finally exercise their civil rights at the dawn of the 20th century. The film's strength lies in showing how, after peaceful demonstrations and the questioning of men in power, some women, fired up by the speeches of Emmanuelle Pankhurst, founder of the Women's Social and Political Union, were ready to risk everything to obtain the right to express themselves. The film portrays men who are sure of their rights, contemptuous and hypocritical, often brutal. The awareness of a working-class mother and her obstinate militant commitment constitute the historical and dramaturgical thread of this fair and convincing fiction. Sarah Gavron signs a conscientious film which does not fail to make a small appeal to current events, reminding us in the end credits that in certain countries, this essential right is still denied.

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