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Show at L'Intégral: Noces de rouille sauce Thaï

Show at L'Intégral: Noces de rouille sauce Thaï

Gigi and Jeannot need a holiday. Bye bye the pitted olive shop and hello Buddha! As soon as they arrive at the airport, they quickly realise that this holiday at the end of the world will not be easy...

In addition to overloaded suitcases, spicy food and small fish that eat their feet, the southern couple will encounter many turbulences. Between the mother-in-law suspected of wanting to prevent their departure, the overly complex airport instructions and many other hazards... It seems that karma is not with them! So many unexpected and delirious situations that will make you howl with laughter.

Open period

Saturday 8 October at 8.30 pm


Full price: 22 €, Reduced price: 18.50 €.

Spoken languages

  • French

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