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Observation evening at the Village des Etoiles

Observation evening at the Village des Etoiles

Planetarium session followed by a telescope observation of the sky at the Village des Etoiles.

It all starts in the planetarium. The mediator will introduce you to the sky that will be visible that evening and then invite you to follow the adventures of James and Vladimir with the projection of the film "Lucia, the secret of shooting stars".

Then... the magic of the starry sky... with the naked eye. This is a brand new activity that we are proposing with a discovery of the sky and its legends from the open sky theatre. The mediator will guide you through the constellations with a powerful laser and take you on a journey through the most beautiful stars visible that evening. Will shooting stars be present?

In the event of overcast skies, the evening will continue with the planetarium session and a presentation of meteorites.

Open period

Saturday 20 August 2022 between 9 pm and 11 pm.


Adult: 15 €, Child: 10 €.

Free entry for children < 6 years.

Spoken languages

  • French

Methods of payment

  • Check
  • Cash
Le village des Etoiles
95, route du Col de Valorse 01260 Ruffieu Show / Hide location


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