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Site nordique de Cuvéry - Retord
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Site nordique de Cuvéry - Retord

Vast combes with tree-covered slopes offer magnificent views of the Alps and southern Jura along the 50km of cross-country ski trails linking the Plans d'Hotonnes, Grand Abergement and Le Poizat ski resorts.

Open period

Subject to snow conditions.


Adult 1/2 day: 7.50 €
Adult day: 9 €
Adult season resort: 64 to 86 €
Adult season department: 96 to 116 €
Child 1/2 day: 4.50 €
Child day: 6 €
Senior day: 6 to 7.50 €.

Free entry for children < 6 years.

Spoken languages

  • French

Porte de Cuvéry du Plateau de Retord Châtillon-en-Michaille 01200 Valserhône Show / Hide location


Direct, Syndicat Mixte du Plateau de Retord
  • http://ain-prestataire-billet.for-system.com/z8501e4f6574x6574_fr-GIP-Plateau-de-Retord-A.aspx?Param/IdProprio=1823

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