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Show at L'Intégral : Rock it Daddy

Show at L'Intégral : Rock it Daddy

The main objective of Rock it Daddy is to create a bridge between the rock music of the 50s and 70s and hip-hop dance. A show to discover at L'Intégral!

While these two cultures are often placed in opposition, there are still links between them, particularly in the music and in the protest spirit that these two cultures claim. The hip-hop dancers will then be inspired by the clips of the time and will model their bodies in order to propose a movement specific to this show. This approach promises to reveal new movements that go beyond those usually reproduced in hip-hop dance.

Open period

Thursday 15 December at 8 pm


Full price: €12
Reduced rate : 10 €
School price: €6

Spoken languages

  • French

Methods of payment

  • Bank/credit card
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Pass’Région
  • Online payment
  • Youth chequebook
  • Culture Pass
422 Avenue Hoff 01300 Belley Show / Hide location


Direct, L'Intégral
  • 04 79 42 31 88
  • lintegral@belley.fr
  • Book online