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Show at L'Intégral: Le point Virgule goes on tour

Show at L'Intégral: Le point Virgule goes on tour

A selection of comedians straight from the Olympia will offer you an unforgettable evening! As a bonus, the audience and the budding comedians will have the chance to prove themselves directly on stage.

After having performed at the Olympia for five years, the smallest of the big Parisian stages offers you its favourites, current and future greats of humour: A real beehive where artists exchange and work together around a beautiful artistic complicity! This evening, in addition to offering the opportunity to see three artists from the new generation of humor on stage, will allow spectators wishing to take the plunge to participate in a master class proposing to unearth the talents of humor, the winner will be offered to open for the show.

Open period

Saturday 6 May at 8.30 pm


Full price: €25
Reduced rate: €21.50

Spoken languages

  • French

Methods of payment

  • Bank/credit card
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Pass’Région
  • Online payment
  • Youth chequebook
  • Culture Pass
422 Avenue Hoff 01300 Belley Show / Hide location


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