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Preview of the film

Preview of the film "Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of Hank"

The cinema l'arlequin proposes a preview of the film "Samourai academy" directed by Rob Minkoff and Mark Koetsier.

France: 2022
Running time: 1h43
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Martial Arts

Hank is a playful dog who dreams of being a samurai in a world where this privilege is reserved... only for cats! Mocked and rejected by all the samurai schools, he meets a grumpy big cat, a master warrior who finally agrees to teach him the ancestral techniques of the samurai. The apprenticeship is going to be tough for the young, restless dog: he has to learn to wield a sword, become as agile as a cat, and master the martial arts, and Hank is not very good at it. But to become a samurai, Hank goes to great lengths! When the Shogun's army of cats sweeps through the city, the apprentice samurai's courage and cunning finally come in handy: "Cat's gonna kick ass, he's gonna kick ass"!

Open period

Sunday 2 October at 2.30 pm.


Adults: €9.50
Reduced price (under 18, students, large families and unemployed): €8
Children under 14 years old: 5 €.

Sunday at 11am: €5.50
Mondays at 3pm senior screening (except school holidays and public holidays): 5 €.
Wednesdays: 6 €.
5 entry card (valid for 6 months): €30
Bugey Développement card: €6.50
Art et Essais card: €5.50
Opera: €12

3D increase: 1 € + 1 € for the glasses.

Spoken languages

  • French
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