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Pic Bois is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of original, durable tourist signage made of environmentally friendly materials.

PIC BOIS has developed innovative marking processes: 3D engraving, inclusion by vitrification, PIC BOIS process, direct printing...

The company is one of the first to adhere to the Origin'Ain economic label for the manufacture of its products in the department.
Companies whose products are industrially manufactured or made by craftsmen in the Ain, those whose products are harvested, grown or processed in the department and service companies in the region are eligible.

In 2016, PIC BOIS received the 2016 Business & Environment Award, with a special mention for SMEs, awarded by the Ministry of the Environment and Ademe, in the category Integration of sustainable development in the company.

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Every year, 4,000 panels are produced in the Ain region for tourist developments carried out by local authorities. Pic Bois also offers an offer to private individuals, professionals and professionals who wish to give a personal touch to their companies or homes by customizing panels via the online store www.1signe.com


  • Sustainable development

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Pic Bois
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