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Patrimoine de la commune de Groslée
Historic site and monument

Patrimoine de la commune de Groslée

As well as being well known for its vineyards the village of Groslée has both a rich Gallo-roman and medieval heritage. Several historic buildings in the village bear witness to this the most noted being the Vareppe Manor House with its 2 towers.

During the Gallo-roman period Groslée was an important point on the road between Lugdunum, present day Lyon and Geneva. Roman accounts of this and numerous inscriptions in stone from the period found in the area bear witness to this. The Château de Groslée dates from the 12th century, unfortunately the château’s keep has subsided but the main part of the building has been well preserved and enhanced. The best known historic building in Groslée in the Maison de Vareppe a fortified manor house with two towers one of which was built during the medieval period and the other is a renaissance design from the 15th century. Today the house is owned by a local vineyard owner so when you visit remember to sample some of his wine. The village of Groslée is linked to the adjoining département of Isère by a magnificent suspension bridge that dates from 1912.


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