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Patrimoine de la commune de Culoz
Historic site and monument

Patrimoine de la commune de Culoz

The town of Culoz is nestled between the foot of the Grand Colombier (1531m) and the Lavours Marsh. It is a part of Bugey with a rich cultural heritage, the numerous stone statues and historical buildings in the town bear witness to its historic past.

2 Mesolithic sculptures that were found in Culoz prove that the area was inhabited since approximately 7,000 BC. Human settlement in Culoz continued until the Roman conquest. The Romans also left their own mark on the town. Roman remains such as the cippus in the church grounds and the Landaize Aqueduct can be seen today. Culoz was ravaged by invasions up until 1070 when it and the rest of Bugey fell under the control of the Dukes of Savoy and it did not become part of France until after the Treaty of Lyon in 1601. La Maison du Patrimoine in the town houses many artefacts from this period and illustrates what daily life in the town was like down through the ages. Additionally this museum highlights the achievements of Culoz’s most famous citizens who include the founder of the International Red Cross Henry Dunant.

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