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Lake night: giant fireworks at Murs-et-Géligneux

Lake night: giant fireworks at Murs-et-Géligneux

A giant firework display by the Art'Emotions teams will be fired from the CNR bank of the Cuchet lake for the second edition of the Murs-et-Gélignieux Lake Night.

Just like the first edition in 2021, the fireworks show will be without sound in order to be visible from all sides!

During the day, come and enjoy the leisure centre and meet the Foxagliss team from 9am to enjoy many water sports activities!

Around 10:30 pm: fired from the CNR bank at the Cuchet lake, no less than 200m of shooting frontage will be used and bombs up to 300mm.

More information to come on the refreshment and catering part but also on the forbidden zones, the car parks and spectator zones.

Open period

Saturday 20 August 2022 at 10.30 pm.


Free of charge.

Spoken languages

  • French
Plan d'eau de Cuchet
01300 Murs-et-Gélignieux Show / Hide location