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Movie Showing Projection Debate:

Movie Showing Projection Debate: "Dams"

The cinema l'Arlequin proposes you the projection-debate of the documentary "Barrages" directed by Nicolas Ubelmann.
Screening in partnership with the Collective "Faisons Barrage" and debate animated by Christelle Peybernes and Frédéric Paschal.

Duration: 1h20
Genre: Documentary

Who can do without electricity in today's world? Who can live, work and feed themselves without plugging in a socket or pressing a button? Every second, billions of electrons flow between us. They carry our voices, our bodies, our data. They warm us, protect us and heal us. But while electricity has become a vital energy, very few really know where this current comes from and why one day... the light might go out. The European Commission has given France formal notice to open to competition one third of its large hydraulic dams, which until now have been managed by EDF. Denounced by a large number of MPs, engineers, economists, trade unions and inhabitants, this decision could lead to numerous economic, ecological and safety problems. So what are the stakes of this opening to competition? What do we stand to gain and what do we stand to lose? »

Open period

Thursday 10 September 2020 at 8 pm.


Prices not available.

Spoken languages

  • French
Cinéma l'Arlequin
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