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Initiation and improvement in roller skating with Activ Plein Air
Sporting activities

Initiation and improvement in roller skating with Activ Plein Air

Initiation and improvement in rollerblading. At the same time sport, leisure and means of transport, rollerblading is above all a sport that requires technique, balance and resistance to falls!

- Develops balance, flexibility and reflexes.
- Works on endurance and heart rate.
- Tones the buttocks, quadriceps and calves.
- Softens joints.
- Improves the centre of gravity.
- Feeling of freedom, lightness.

Like all sliding sports, rollerblading is a fun and accessible activity that develops the lower body muscles, especially the buttocks and thighs, refines the legs and maintains the cardiovascular system in the same way as other endurance sports.

Roller skating is only not recommended, if not prohibited, for those suffering from respiratory or cardiac insufficiency and for people with fragile joints. Everyone else can enjoy the benefits of rollerblading. "

So don't hesitate any longer. Come and practice rollerblading from 7 to 77 years old. Véronique will make you discover the pleasure of sliding in the best conditions of safety. Go to the biathlon stadium to enjoy the ride....

Open period

From 01/04 to 31/10, daily.

Methods of payment

  • Cheque
  • Chèques Vacances
  • Cash
  • Credit transfer

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  • activ.pleinair@orange.fr

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