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Initiation à l'orientation
Sporting activities

Initiation à l'orientation

"Learn how to find your way around so you can get lost."
Playful by nature, this activity, which combines reflection and physical effort in a natural environment, will delight young and old alike.

Orienteering is one of the few sports that can be started at the age of 4 or as an adult and continued until over 80 years of age. This activity can be adapted to any public, whether in a fun or sporting form.
It allows you to learn or improve your orienteering skills in a friendly and original way in a natural and exotic setting.
After an explanation of the map and compass for initiation or a reminder of your knowledge (legend, map-terrain relationship, compass...), for the experienced, you will set off, alone or in a team, in search of beacons, either in a star shape for beginners, or on a course of several beacons for the experienced (scoring race).

Open period

From 01/01/ to 31/12/

In addition to the reception

Methods of payment

  • Cheque
  • Chèques Vacances
  • Cash

Les Plans d’Hotonnes 01260 Haut Valromey Show / Hide location


Direct, Activ'Plein Air
  • 04 79 87 23 98
  • activ.pleinair@orange.fr

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