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Hike through Pont des Tines and Grottes du Pic

Hike through Pont des Tines and Grottes du Pic

From Songieu, discover natural and cultural attractions: the tines or vats dug by the Séran have created an arch; the caves inhabited in the Neolithic period are now private; the ruins of Châteauneuf, the former medieval capital.

This relatively flat hike allows you to discover many geological and historical curiosities of Haut Valromey.
If an approach is possible, access to the Pic cave is however reserved for speleologists. It is still possible to visit the silver fountain and the bench of lovers.

Follow the yellow markup.

Circuit detailed in the topo-guide "hiking in Bugey" of the Departmental Committee for hiking in Ain including 71 hikes to discover Bugey.
On sale at the Tourist Office.

Open period

From 01/01/ to 31/12/


  • Drop : 100 m
  • Distance : 11 km
  • Daily duration : 240 mn


  • Level bue - Medium