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Heritage tour

Heritage tour

This walking tour of the picturesque town of Nantua is now available in several languages thanks to the flashcode application on your mobile phone and allows you to discover the history and the sights of the town.

This heritage trail takes in some of Nantua’s best known attractions such as the Deportation Museum, Saint Michael’s Abbey and of course the wonderful lake. Additionally it passes by some of the towns the lesser known ones such as the Tour de La Lâte the last remaining part of the Nantua’s medieval walls and the Quartier de Pierre. The origins of the famous and delicious Nantua sauce are also explained en route.

Open period

All year : openned every day


  • Daily duration : 90 mn


Free visit without any guide.
Grown-up group (4 €) for the complete visit of the city including the Abbey church


  • Pets welcome
  • Unguided group tours
  • Unguided individual tours

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