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Temporary exhibition

Temporary exhibition "Georgy".

Temporary exhibition at Maison d'Izieu, "Georgy, letters and photos at Maison d'Izieu in the archives of Serge and Beate Klarsfeld".

Serge Klarsfeld, defender of the cause of Jewish deportees from France with his wife Beate, worked for the arrest of the Nazi criminal Klaus Barbie in 1983 in Bolivia. The same year, he published the first reference book on the history of the children of Izieu. In 2020, he entrusted the Maison d'Izieu with the task of making an inventory of the documents he had collected during the trial of Klaus Barbie in the families of the children.

Georges Halpern, known as Georgy, was born in Vienna (Austria) on 30 October 1935. His family found refuge in France after Austria joined the Third Reich (March 1938). As soon as war was declared, they were subjected to the security measures affecting "nationals of enemy powers" and then to the anti-Semitic laws of Vichy. Georgy was entrusted to the Œuvre de Secours aux Enfants, and was part of the first group of children who moved to the Maison d'Izieu in May 1943. He was then 7 years old.
During his stay at Izieu, Georgy remained in contact with his parents, who regularly sent him letters and parcels. Georgy replies to them and attaches drawings to his letters. In his letters, he describes his daily life at the camp, the meals, the activities, the class schedule.

The exhibition shows letters and drawings produced during his stay at the Colony, and photos entrusted by the family to Serge and Beate Klarsfeld. These archives will be unveiled to the general public for the first time during this exhibition.

The exhibition is produced by Maison d'Izieu with the kind support of Serge and Beate Klarsfeld.

Discovery of the exhibition included in the entrance ticket.
Opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 19 July 2022.

Open period

From 9 July to 30 September, daily


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