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Cinéma-conférence Unipop: The Battle of Algiers

Cinéma-conférence Unipop: The Battle of Algiers

Conference "Les Ratonnades d'Alger, 1956" by Sylvie Thénault - Film: La Bataille d'Alger by Gillo Pontecorvo - 32/3

Lecture by Sylvie Thénault :
Algiers, Saturday 29 December 1956. French Algeria is burying one of its leaders, Amédée Froger, who was killed the day before as he left his home. His funeral brings together thousands of people. Above all, they were the occasion for violence, which contemporaries called "ratonnades". They were aimed at 'Muslims', as Algerians were called in that society. Investigating these events led to a return to the long colonial period. The history of the war is then presented in a new light. Far from the only confrontation between the army and the FLN, it is the colonial society at war that appears.

Film: By Gillo Pontecorvo. Italy / Algeria. 1966. 2h02. Format: DCP. Copy: Carlotta. With Jean Martin, Yacef Saadi, Brahim Hadladl... Forbidden for children under 12.
October 1957. Colonel Mathieu's paratroopers surround the refuge of Ali-La Pointe, leader of the urban guerrilla movement. During his hours of forced confinement, Ali relives the journey that led him from delinquent and pimp to guerrilla leader of the F.L.N. The beginnings of the War of Independence, told from the Algerian point of view. Golden Lion Venice 1966.

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