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Kayak down the untamed Upper Rhône, alone or accompanied, for half a day, a day or longer; combine a cycling and canoeing trip; paddle down to the Savières Canal or the Lac du Bourget – our sports activity guides will give you plenty of ideas to satisfy your lust for adventure and help you really get away from it all!

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Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin

From 01/04 to 01/11
Slope hill in canoe on the Guiers river

Slope hill accessible and fun, for everyone, with canoe and kayak, to the discovery of the Guiers river…


From 15/04 to 31/10
Canoe/Kayal, descent down the Rhône

From Seyssel; navigate in the middle of the Natura 2000 reserve with a canoe for 1,2,3 or 4 people. Bathing, picnic, observation... Many different cou...


The 14/06
Kayaking on the Rhône

Discover the Old Rhône as you've never seen borrowing Natural Reserve of Brégnier-Cordon. An instructor will guide you through this maze and introduce...


From 01/04 to 01/11
Stand up paddle on the wild Rhône

An immersion in the heart of the wild Rhône in stand-up paddle…


From 15/04 to 31/10
Canoe/kayak : descent down the Rhône - la cano'E VTT

The descent down the Rhône by canoe and the way back by AVT on different paths in the Natura 2000 reserve of Chautagne with some signs to know where t...


From 15/04 to 30/09
Canoe/kayak : descent down the Rhône - the bivouac "Eau Lac"

Take your time to link the Base Aqualoisirs de Seyssel and Conjux located on the banks of the lake of Bourget. After a bivouac in Chanaz, you will be ...


Rental of canoes and kayaks on the Canal de Savière and the Lac du Bourget

Canoeing-kayaking excursions on the Canal de Savière and the Lac du Bourget.

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