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Hiking trails in Bugey Sud

Hiking trails in Bugey Sud

Hiking in Bugey !
At less than 1h from Annecy and Geneva, and 1h30 from Lyon, a large number of hikes with watefalls and beautiful panoramas can be admired in Bugey Sud at your own pace.


Attention, cette carte présente uniquement l'offre de randonnée. Les circuits sont en vente dans les bureaux de l'Office de Tourisme, soit à l'unité à 1 € (11 fiches différentes) soit regroupés dans un topoguide de randonnée pédestre en Bugey (71 randonnées) à 14 €.

Overall hiking map of Bugey Sud

Download our map and discover the 34 nicest trails in Bugey Sud
8 maps with descriptions and a book guide with 71 hikes in Bugey are sold in our Tourist information offices.

3D interactive map of hikes in Bugey

Get an overall view of the hiking trails available in our region and identify starting points, locations and lengths on the 3D interactive map in du Bugey Sud.
Click on the loops to get information about each hiking trail.

A perfect area for trail running.

On Xavier Thevenard’s territory (multiple times UTMB winner) nature and mountains of Bugey offers loads of possibilities for trails runners.
Get your running shoes and discover lakes, forests, ridges, rivers and waterfalls along your way.
If you are into steep trails and elevation gain challenges, the slopes of the Grand Colombier starting from Culoz or Munet are just the inclines you are looking for.


Hiking trails in Bugey

Download our hiking maps (English version coming soon):

Hiking maps can be found in the tourist information offices.

Get in touch with us at contact@bugey-sud-tourisme.fr or on our Facebook page for more information and tips to enjoy the nicest hikes in the area!

More details on hiking trails:

49 results
Hike : Armaille Lake

Arboys en Bugey

Hiking from Thoys, the circuit follows the Armaille stream to the lake of the same name in the undergrowth of the South Bugey.

Hiking on the foot of the Grand Colombier


A long hike from Artemare to cross the slopes of the Grand Colombier massif as the writer Paul Claudel did in his time, often along the rivers of Valromey: Séran, Laval, Arvières and Groin....

Hike: Gorges de Thurignin


From Artemare to the heights of Belmont Luthézieu to discover the secrets of the Seran river. To discover along the way: the Thurignin Gorges, the Cerveyrieu waterfall and the Massignieu wi...

Hike: Golet au loup


Hiking circuit following the course of the river, the Séran and allowing the discovery of the site of the Virgin of Fierloz and the Cerveyrieu waterfall.

  • Level bue - Medium
Hike in Bugey: Les crêtes d'Hergues


Starting from the hairpin down the Col de la Biche, the Hergues ridge circuit offers a succession of panoramic views to cut through the brimstone by following the ridges to the magnificent v...

Hiking in Bugey: Crêtes de Sur Lyand


From the combe du Cimetière after the Col de la Biche on the territory of Brénaz, in the heart of the Grand Colombier massif: discover the crests, pastures and the site of Arvières (former C...

Hike of the Grand Colombier starting from Munet


Starting in the calm forest of the Massif du Grand Colombier, the slopes will lead you to the breathtaking panoramic views of the summit and the rock of Chanduraz during your ascent from the...

Hike: Sentier des Charteux


From Lochieu, in the footsteps of the Carthusian monks who lived on the site of Arvières in the Grand Colombier massif, discovery of the Arvières national forest: ruins of the former Carthus...

Hiking in Bugey: up to Chanduraz from Charaillin


From the hamlet of Charaillin in the commune of Chavornay, an ascent to Chanduraz at an altitude of 1218 metres on the Grand Colombier massif: at the belvedere, a very open view on the Valro...

Walks in the forest of Rothonne


3 trails, from 1.8 to 5.2 mile long, in the heart of a forest, 1.5 mi. from the town centre of Belley.

Hike : Romagneux from Béon (long loop)


Short hike starting from Béon leading to Romagneux.

Hike in Bugey: Chanduraz from Béon


Hike with a significant elevation gain with various points of interest along the way: -Ruins of Luyrieu's castle. -The arch. -Panorama from Chanduraz (alt. 1218 m)

Hike : Tour du Mont de Cordon


Starting from the Rhône canal, take the paths through the woods, near the 14th century Château de la Barre. Marking: yellow

  • Level bue - Medium
Trail along the water (Sentier de l'eau)


Interpretation trail on the theme of the influence of water on landscapes and human life.

Walking tour at the Lavours swamp


After visiting the Maison du marais de Lavours, take the time to stroll along the circuit on stilts in the heart of the Lavours marsh nature reserve.

Hike: A wolf life.


Hike in the local nature of Valromey following a peaceful river, an emerald source and several local heritage monuments.

Hike: Chevrier


Hiking trail offering a beautiful view from the hamlet of Nivollet. Maximum altitude: 995 m. Discovery of the hamlet of Egieu and the villages of Armix, mountain villages, Rossillon and Ch...

Grandes Traversées du Jura (GTJ) : Multi-days walk from Mandeure to Culoz


La Grande Traversée du Jura by feet is a hiking to discover the Jura Mountain from Madeure to Culoz.

Hike: Le circuit des Scioux


Itinerary with a course in the forest, in alpine pastures and then on the crest line of the Grand Colombier. Exceptional panoramic view of the Alps, the Valromey and the lakes of Geneva, Ann...

  • Level bue - Medium
Hike of the Saracens


Starting from Chatel in the commune of Culoz, this rarely visited Saracens circuit offers very beautiful views of the Rhône, Chautagne and Lac du Bourget. It joins the ruins of a watchtower ...

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