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Our best hiking trails

Our best hiking trails

A stone’s throw away from the Alps, Lyon and Geneva, discover our hikes in a preserved nature and numerous astonishing spots:
waterfalls, lakes, summits and panoramas.

11 of our best hikes in Bugey

From easy family walks to difficult hiking ascents, these 11 hikes will make your discover at your own rhythm the waterfalls of Glandieu, Cerveyrieu, Clairefontaine, the canyons of Thurignin, the impressive resurgence of the Groin, the Grand Colombier mountain and Retord Plateau.

Hiking maps in French can be found at the Tourism Information offices.
These hikes can also be downloaded for free on the App « Ain Outdoor » available on the App store and Google Play.

Please note that the water level of these waterfalls can vary a lot during the year, some of these streams and river unfortunately be dry during summer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email or on our Facebook page ahead of your hike to know if the sights are worth being visited during your hikes.

Copyright : © Laurent Madelon – CC Bugey Sud

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Hiking in Bugey: Crêtes de Sur Lyand

Wonderful hike in the heart of the Grand Colombier massif: discover the crests and its panoramas on the Alps, pastures and the site of Arvières (forme...

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Hike: Innimond cross starting from Saint-Germain-les-Paroisses

Hike from the crossroads of Saint Germain les Paroisses. A sporty climb will take you to the Croix d'Innimond, rewarding a panoramic view of the sout...

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Trail along the water (Sentier de l'eau)

Interpretation trail on the theme of the influence of water on landscapes and human life.

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Haut Valromey

Hiking in Bugey: La Ronde des Plans

Hike through the valleys and ridges of the Plateau de Retord and allowing you to enjoy a magnificent panorama of Mont Blanc and the Alps from the reso...

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Hike of the Grand Colombier starting from Munet

Starting in the calm forest of the Massif du Grand Colombier, the slopes will lead you to the breathtaking panoramic views of the summit and the rock ...

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Hike of the Clairefontaine waterfall

Hike starting from Virieu-le-Grand leading to the impressive Clairefontiane waterfall.

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Hike: Le circuit des Scioux

Itinerary with a course in the forest, in alpine pastures and then on the crest line of the Grand Colombier. Exceptional panoramic view of the Alps, t...

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Haut Valromey

Hike: Tour de Retord

From the ski resort of Les Plans d'Hotonnes, the Plateau de Retord offers all its mountain characteristics: combes and forests, isolated typical farms...


Hike: Gorges de Thurignin

From Artemare to the heights of Belmont Luthézieu to discover the secrets of the Seran river. To discover along the way: the Thurignin Gorges, the Ce...

Arboys en Bugey

Hike : Armaille Lake

Hiking from Thoys, the circuit follows the Armaille stream to the lake of the same name in the undergrowth of the South Bugey.

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Haut Valromey

Hike: on the steps of the WW2 French resistance.

Thematic trail on the Plateau de Retord, in the footsteps of the first maquisards of the Ain, starting from the Les Plans station or the village of Ho...


Hike: A wolf life.

Hike in the local nature of Valromey following a peaceful river, an emerald source and several local heritage monuments.

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Preserved nature and protected areas.

Labellisé Espace Naturel Sensible, le Massif du Grand Colombier, l’Arvière, les Gorges de Thurignin, la cascade de Cerveyrieu, la cascade de Glandieu, le massif de Fierloz représentent des enjeux de biodiversité importants. Le Grand Colombier et le Plateau de Retord sont également sites Natura 2000
Nous vous remercions de profiter de la beauté et de respecter les richesses naturelles du Bugey.

Hikes are located in sensible natural areas, these represent important biodiversity concerns. 
Thank you for enjoying the beauty and respecting natural resources by:
– Staying on the path and not walking on the fieds.
– Respetcing animals and agricultural activities.
– Respecting Private properties.
– Always closing gates behind you.
– Staying away and remaining calm close to livestock.
– Always keeping your dogs on a leash.
– Avoiding picking wild flowers.
– Bringing your rubbish back with you.