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The Rhône

The Rhône

Fishing in the Rhône is permitted in different municipalities of Bugey Sud.

In Bugey Sud fishing on the Rhône, which is classed a ‘Domaine Public 2e Catégorie’, is authorised in the following municipalities:
Culoz, Lavours, Cressin-Rochefort, Massignieu-de-Rives, Nattages, Magnieu, Belley, Brens, Virignin, Murs-Gélignieux (Plan d’Eau du Cuchet – artificial lake) and Saint-Benoit.
Fish you might catch there include trout, pike, whitefish, eels, monkfish and catfish.
The Escale Museum of the Upper Rhône illustrates the history of fishing on the river and organises fishing-related events in partnership with the local leisure fishing federation.

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