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Regulations and Fishing Permits

Regulations and Fishing Permits

Any fisherman with a fishing license and a CPMA stamp can fish on all public areas in France (1st and 2nd category).
Reciprocity allows fishermen from other departments to fish on lots managed by AAPPMA at no extra charge.
Find the list of reciprocal AAPPMAs from Bugey Sud on the website of the Departmental Fishing Federation
To fish with several rods, you must have the Bas-Bugey AAPPMA card.

Lake Barterand regulations: a boat stamp of 25 € per year is mandatory for anyone fishing from a boat on the lake.
The practice of fishing « with trolling, drifting or any similar technique » as well as carp fishing in more than half of the lake or after another post are strictly prohibited.

See the map of fishing areas in Bugey

Where to buy a fishing license in the Bugey?
– At the Tourist Office in Belley
– Online: I choose my fishing license
– At the fishing store in Belley: MDC Loisirs et Passions (121 rue du Colombier in Belley): + 00 (0) 4 81 31 40 or + 00 (0) 6 31 37 41 14
– Chazey-Bons, Bricomarché: 04 79 81 31 79
– Virieu-le-Grand, House of the press: 04 79 87 85 58
– Groslée Saint-Benoît, VIVAL: 04 74 39 75 23
– Gamm vert in Champagne-en-Valromey: 04 79 87 60 25

The annual reciprocal adult card is on sale for € 78.
The annual reciprocal minor person card is on sale for € 20.

The annual interdepartmental card allows fishing in many other departments, including Isère, Rhône and Saône-et-Loire. It is sold for 100 €.

The annual discovery card under 12 is on sale at € 6.

You are on vacation in the South Bugey and you want to fish for a day or a week:
Prices for one week: 33 €
Prices for one day: 11 €

Fishing contacts
The website of the Departmental Fishing Federation of Ain
AAPPMA du bas-Bugey: contact@aappma.fr
AAPPMA La Truite du Valromey: la.truite.du.valromey@orange.fr