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Family outings

Family outings

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Museum of the natural reserve


A modern, interactive exhibition to help visitors to understand the fauna and flora of the marsh, its history, how it was formed and how it is managed today. The purpose is to provide inform...

Off-Road Scooter Descent

A surprising mix of sensations, somewhere between mountain-biking and downhill skiing due to the upright position. Easy to handle, the off-road scooter is the ideal way to enjoy those downhi...


Visit of the sheepfold "To the rhythm of the herd"

Pierre and Priscilla invite you to discover their pastoral activity through their sheepfold that they will show you. Goats and sheep are waiting, young and old, to tell you their story.

Haut Valromey

La Tribu d'Eponel Pony Club

La Tribu d'Eponel welcomes you all year round in a family and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the club's cavalry or your own horse, you will discover horse riding and you will be able to imp...


Baby Pony

Baby Pony activity proposed by the riding school as well as courses and training courses during the school holidays.

Arboys en Bugey

Equestrian Centre Ecurie de Zers

Equestrian farm with mini farm and associated pony club, boarding and breeding. Classical courses, leisure, competition and tourism Galloping passages, training courses Adult walks of 1 or...


Nature reserve of Lavours marsh.


The Lavours Marsh is one of the last remaining giant marshlands in continental Western Europe. Located near Ceyzérieu in the shadow of the Grand Colombier the marsh covers an area of 500 hec...

Génissiat Dam


Europe’s first major hydroelectric dam. The construction began in 1936 and it was finished in 1948. Things to see: the surface spillway on the right bank. This is a long channel ending with ...

Maison d'Izieu, Memorial of the exterminated Jewish children


The Maison d'Izieu offers tours of the house accompanied by the mediators, the discovery of the history of the Shoah in France during the Second World War and the temporary exhibition dedica...

Parcours Adventure du Bugey

At an altitude of 1000m the Parcours Adventure du Bugey is located amongst the Spruce trees that surround Lake Angeville on the Hauteville Plateau and offers a range of outdoor activities t...

Plateau d'Hauteville

Horse riding Belley-Arbignieu

Arboys en Bugey

Organisation of walks and hikes, introduction to horseback riding up to career development or riding arena, discovery on ponies for children, training courses during school holidays. Walkin...

Special family visit to the Maison d'Izieu

A new tour format! This tour is a fun way for children, teenagers and their guides to understand the history of the Colonie d'Izieu and what the Shoah was like, with a presentation adapted t...


Le village des Étoiles (Astronomy / Planetarium)


Located in the heart of Valromey, the Village des Étoiles is designed to introduce astronomy to as many people as possible.

Swamp mini-farm


At the entrance of the Lavours marshes nature reserve, pretty shaded walk to discover the animals of our farm (cows, pigs, donkeys, horses, sheep, goats...) in complete safety.

Ain's Temps Loisirs - swincar and electric scooter rental

Haut Valromey

Rental of electric scooters and swincars (100% electric, silent vehicle that does not emit CO2) Activities available all year round on a dedicated circuit located in Les Plans d'Hotonnes.

Mini-Golf at Camping Le Colombier


There's nothing like a game of mini-golf to relax with friends and family. The miniature golf course is open to outside customers, please contact the campsite.

Les Grottes de la Balme

La Balme-les-Grottes

Dare indoor adventure... Rare and exceptional natural site, the Caves Of La Balme offer a great indoor activity made for the whole family ! No Sanitary Pass required.

Lèbe Observatory


Discover the stars with the Lèbe observatory! It has advanced equipment, fun workshops and welcomes you day or evening. Observations, planetarium, Way of the Stars, and many activities are o...

Cinema L'Arlequin


Cinema with 3 cinemas, showing films for the general public in FV or OVS

Bugey-Valromey Museum


Discover the different faces of Bugey and gain an insight into the drive and way of life of the locals, such as their handicrafts, agriculture and customs, the region’s most notable figures,...

Museum of Resistance and Deportation


Housed in a 19th-century prison, the Museum of Resistance and Deportation is one of the region’s major museums about the Second World War. Please note that the museum is closed until 10th Se...

Fun Zone - Aquatic parc


Inflatable modules joined together to create an aquatic, sporty and fun zone to entertain young and old!

Initiation au biathlon

Discovery and initiation to biathlon by the ESF des Plans d'Hotonnes, from 8 years old, in all seasons. Fun and friendly, biathlon is accessible to all, including wheelchair users.

Haut Valromey