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Panoramic viewpoints and orientation tables

Panoramic viewpoints and orientation tables

For breathtaking views over the Bugey mountains, the Alps and the Rhône Canal, just take your pick from among these outlook points, most of which have toposcopes: Parves, Ambléon, Preveyzieu, Marignieu, Mont de Cordon, Virieu-le-Grand, Vongnes or Grand Colombier.

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Ambléon viewpoint

View on the basin of Belley, the Grand Colombier, the Mont Blanc and the whole chain of the Alps. Altitude : 0.687 mi.

04 79 81 15 11


Panorama viewpoint on Mont de Cordon

Get a lovely panorama on the Rhône river below, the surrounding mountains, the castle de la Barre and the small villages around. A short hike startin...


Viewpoint above Contrevoz

In the hamlet of Preveyzieu, Alps, mountains of Bugey and Mont Blanc can be seen from there.


Viewpoint indicators of Marignieu

Altitude : 0.442 mi View on the Mont Blanc and the whole chain of the Alps

Parves et Nattages

Viewpoint of Parves

Offers a stunning view on the Rhône river and surrounding lakes.

04 79 81 27 54


Panoramic table at Virieu-Le-Grand

The viewpoint indicator on the tourist route of Hauteville offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Alps, Mont Blanc, Le Colombier and Le Nivollet C...


Viewpoint in Vongnes

Offers a great view on the Natural Reserve of Lavours and the surrounding mountains.

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