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Exhibitions, talks, concerts, festivals, shows, local ‘Oven Festivals’, bingo, discos nights, guided tours, and more.

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The 17/09
Show at L'Intégral: Les franglaises

L'Intégral offers you a cult musical show, translating the great hits of the English-speaking repertoire in the most literal and absurd way possible: ...


The 17/09
JEP - Château de Grammont : When a village recovers its memory!

Conference on the history of Grammont Castle from the 10th century to the 20th century!


The 18/09
European Heritage Days: concert by the Chœur Influences choir at the Bugey - Valromey museum

As part of the European Heritage Days, the Bugey-Valromey Museum invites you to a concert by the Choeur Influences choir.


The 18/09
European Heritage Days: visit to the Cabiolon hydroelectric power station

As part of the European Heritage Days, come and visit the Cabiolon hydroelectric power station, built over 100 years ago and still in operation.


The 18/09
European Heritage Days: visit to the Maison d'Izieu

As part of the European Heritage Day, the Maison d'Izieu Memorial is organising a visit to the site.


The 18/09
European Heritage Days: A.R.O.B. Orgues de BELLEY

As part of the European Heritage Days, the association for the renewal of the Belley organs is organising a presentation of the organs of the Cathedra...

Parves et Nattages

The 18/09
European Heritage Days: concert with the Music'Yenne choir

As part of the European Heritage Days, come and attend a concert in the beautiful church of Saint-Vincent de Nattages with the Music'Yenne choir direc...


The 22/09
Film screening "Les vieux fourneaux 2 : bons pour l'asile.

The association Cinérencontre proposes the screening of "Les vieux fourneaux 2 : bons pour l'asile", film by Christophe Duthuron, with Pierre Richard,...


The 23/09
Resto concert

Resto concert at the restaurant le Chevalier in Béon with the Mac Soufflet Orchestra


From 24 to 25/09
Intuitive painting workshop

This workshop led by Catherine Wagner invites you to take the path of the present moment to make your colours bloom

Haut Valromey

The 25/09
Raid des villages de l'Ain - orienteering events

Multi-sport competition combining mountain biking, trail running, orienteering and biathlon.


From 30/09 to 03/11
Exhibition by Pierre Margotat

Exhibition of paintings by Pierre Margotat at the Caveau Bugiste.


The 01/10
All-nighter at the Maison du Patrimoine

Come and visit the Heritage House at night!


The 02/10
Preview of the film "Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of Hank"

The cinema l'arlequin proposes a preview of the film "Samourai academy" directed by Rob Minkoff and Mark Koetsier.


The 07/10
Improvisation show: Les Ain'provisibles

Les Ain'provisibles invites you to an improvisation show at L'Intégral, in Belley.


The 08/10
Bugey en Musique Festival

The Bugey en Musique Festival is 4 dates in 4 different places in the Bugey to make music live and move in the Bugey!


The 08/10
Show at L'Intégral: Noces de rouille sauce Thaï

Gigi and Jeannot need a holiday. Bye bye the pitted olive shop and hello Buddha! As soon as they arrive at the airport, they quickly realise that this...


The 09/10
Gathering of old vehicles

AVAVAL organises once a month, on the stadium car park in Artemare, a gathering of old vehicles

Arboys en Bugey

From 14 to 16/10
The Kota bugiste

As part of the Fascinating Weekend of the label "vignobles et découvertes", La Roche Bleue organises unusual evenings with meals and wine tasting. A p...


From 14 to 15/10


The 14/10
Musical evening: instruments from around the world

The Chrysalis Theatre is organising a musical evening with musicians and instruments from all over the world. Erhu, kamencheh, flugelhorn, guitar, a...

Haut Valromey

The 15/10
Stories of Resistance: commented hike on the Maquis trail on the Plateau de Retord

The Tourist Office offers you a guided tour of the Sentier du maquis (scrubland path). Walk through the Plateau de Retord in the company of a guide an...


The 15/10
Literary walks (mobile theatre show)

The Théâtre de la Chrysalide takes you on a theatrical tour around the town of Flaxieu.


The 15/10
The fabulous story of Violette Ailhaud

The Théâtre de la Chrysalide presents a theatrical creation based on the literary work of Violette Ailhaud.


The 18/10
Collecte de sang

The Amicale des Donneurs de Sang de Champagne en Valromey organizes a big blood collection


The 19/10
The Tourist Office's fun workshops: Halloween

A new fun tour is proposed by the Tourist Office for Halloween!


From 21 to 23/10
Workshop "Making a drum".


The 21/10
Show at L'Intégral : Days in a life (Beatles factory)

L'Intégral invites you to immerse yourself in the music of the Beatles, which has been crossing generations for 50 years, thanks to Days in a Life. Wi...


The 23/10
Cycling time trial

16 km flat time time trial starting from Culoz. Register online at unioncyclisteculozbelley.com


The 27/10
Holidays at the museum

For the holidays, the Bugey - Valromey museum is offering a fun afternoon for children. Budding artists will discover the temporary exhibition with a ...


The 29/10
Festival Bugey en Musique : Lucky Chops in concert

LUCKY CHOPS in a special concert in Culoz ! New Day New Tour, the European tour stops in Bugey for the final of Bugey en Musique 2022 !


The 06/11
Clowns in the museum!

To end the season on a comical and family note, the Bugey - Valromey Museum welcomes the company Née Au Vent for offbeat and original visits.


The 08/11
Show at L'intégral : Les précieuses ridicules

L'Intégral offers an original interpretation of Molière's play by the Lyon-based company Art'Senic.


The 12/11
Show at l'Intégral : Tap Factory

L'Intégral offers you spectacular entertainment with percussion, acrobatics of all kinds and a good dose of humour.