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Exhibitions, talks, concerts, festivals, shows, local ‘Oven Festivals’, bingo, discos nights, guided tours, and more.

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From 01/01 to 31/12
Visite guidée de Vieu-en-Valromey


From 07/10 to 13/01/2021
Digital workshop (tablet) for seniors

The CCAS of the City of Belley is continuing its actions aimed at senior citizens. A free digital tablet workshop (level 1) will take place at the Esc...


The 05/12
DO IN self-massage workshops

Ghislaine Rémondat offers self-massage workshops (DO IN) of about 1 hour, free for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, from hyperactive to slee...


The 06/12
Evening games

To find yourself from 8pm with the possibility to find players and take the time to launch into a longer or more strategic game... but not only.


The 08/12
Voyages sonores

Gérald Constant with the collaboration of the gîte "Au Faï Tira!" offer you to share a relaxation session through music also called sound travels. Thi...


The 10/12
REPORTÉ - Pièce de théâtre "Une vie"

L'Intégral welcomes you for a play based on a masterpiece of French literature, brought to the stage alone by Clémentine Célarié. Duration: 1h20.


From 11 to 13/12
Stage danse, rythme et méditation

Dance, rhythm and meditation with Claudia Heinle & Caroline Chevat and Ainhoa Izagirre. Three days in brackets before the holiday season.


The 12/12
Qi Gong training course "The 6 therapeutic sounds" in Lilignod

Evelyne offers you a Qi Gong workshop on the 6 therapeutic sounds. The Source of the six therapeutic sounds is found in the work ZHUANG ZI, one of the...


The 12/12
Women's Circle with Ghislaine Rémondat

Come and try the experience of a circle of women with Ghislaine Rémondat.


The 12/12
Planetarium sessions

For one hour, comfortably seated under a 7-metre diameter dome, you will attend a session in the planetarium including the showing of a film and the i...


The 12/12

The Festival Committee of Culoz and Librazur Productions will make you relive all the greatest Italian hits of yesterday and today. Six singers and mu...


The 19/12
Spectacle musical "Le livre de la jungle"

L'Intégral welcomes you for a musical show freely inspired by Rudyard Kipling's novel. Duration: 1h20.


From 21/12 to 02/01/2021
Christmas Holiday Internships - Centre Equestre d'Artemare

The Centre Equestre d'Artemare offers several courses for all levels during the Christmas holidays Possibility of a 1 hour walk, private lessons, bir...

Haut Valromey

The 02/01/2021
ESF Nordic skier cross


The 08/01/2021
Show urbain "Tap Factory"

L'Intégral welcomes you for an urban show combining performance, humour and fantasy, a "Chaplinesque" universe that will seduce audiences of all ages....


The 09/01/2021
Workshop "Camera and creatives application mastery"

Jérôme Pruniaux offers you photo workshop which allows you to get theoretical basics and techniques to grow your creativity.


The 14/01/2021
REPORTÉ - Pièce de théâtre "Plaidoiries"

L'Intégral welcomes you for a theatre play based on "Les grandes plaidoiries des ténors du barreau" by Matthieu Aron. Directed by Eric Théobald with t...

Haut Valromey

The 16/01/2021
Stories of Resistance: commented hike on the Maquis trail on the Plateau de Retord

The Tourist Office offers you a guided tour of the Sentier du maquis (scrubland path). Walk through the Plateau de Retord in the company of a guide an...

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