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Museums and Heritage Centres

Museums and Heritage Centres

Bugey has lots of cultural venues where regional history and traditions are kept alive and visitors get a real insight into local life.

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Cerdon Caves - Prehistoric Leisure Park

Vineyards and Discovery Accreditation


Museum of Resistance and Deportation


Housed in a 19th-century prison, the Museum of Resistance and Deportation is one of the region’s major museums about the Second World War. Please note that the museum is closed until 10th Se...

Maison d'Izieu, Memorial to exterminated Jewish children


A place of life that has become a place of national remembrance, the Maison d'Izieu, a museum and memorial, offers visitors the opportunity to discover history, justice and remembrance today...

Zoo : Le Domaine des Fauves

Les Abrets en Dauphiné

Furry and feathered species you don't see everywhere. Different kinds of activities and animations in addition to the visit. Unusual accomodation experience with the lodge among the wolves p...

Castle of Montveran


This magnificent castle was built in 1316 by Pierre de Luyrieu, high on a rock overlooking the town of Culoz. The castle has remained intact since it was first built except for the towers w...

Génissiat Dam


Europe’s first major hydroelectric dam. The construction began in 1936 and it was finished in 1948. Things to see: the surface spillway on the right bank. This is a long channel ending with ...

Stone Tools Museum


The museum contains tools related to the trades of quarrymen, stonecutters, masons and sculptors.

Museum of the natural reserve


A modern, interactive exhibition to help visitors to understand the fauna and flora of the marsh, its history, how it was formed and how it is managed today. The purpose is to provide inform...

Lèbe Observatory


Discover the stars with the Lèbe observatory! It has advanced equipment, fun workshops and welcomes you day or evening. Observations, planetarium, Way of the Stars, and many activities are o...

heritage house


An edifice dating from the 14th century where you can learn all about the history of Culoz from the Mesolithic era to the present day, including the CIAT (industrial company) and the town’s ...

Les Grottes de la Balme

La Balme-les-Grottes

Dare indoor adventure... Rare and exceptional natural site, the Caves Of La Balme offer a great indoor activity made for the whole family ! No Sanitary Pass required.

Le village des Étoiles (Astronomy / Planetarium)


Located in the heart of Valromey, the Village des Étoiles is designed to introduce astronomy to as many people as possible.

Winemaking Traditions Museum

Vineyards and Discovery Accreditation


The Musée des Traditions Vigneronnes (Museum of Winegrowing Traditions) houses one of the largest and most beautiful collections of ancient tools (over 1300) and objects related to the work ...

Distillery Kario


For more than 115 years, the Brothers of the Holy Family have been producing drinks with beneficial properties, a clever mix of alpine plants that are often rare. Label: "Entreprise du pat...

Bugey-Valromey Museum

Vineyards and Discovery Accreditation


Discover the different faces of Bugey and gain an insight into the drive and way of life of the locals, such as their handicrafts, agriculture and customs, the region’s most notable figures,...