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Sport for all, orienteering is a perfect sport to combine thinking with physical activities. Alone or with your family, orienteering is for everyone to enjoy: be one with nature, discover a new place, find control markers, or running as fast as possible on an adapted course.

Training camps:

You wish to come with your club and practice with maps used during the OOcup ? Find the maps of the 2018 OOcup by getting in touch with the team « O’Bugey course d’orientation » by email at obugey@orange.fr or by phone at +336 14 17 54 71.

Permanent orienteering courses in Bugey.

– 6 permanent orienteering courses in Bugey are available starting from les Plans d’Hotonnes.
Maps areavailable at the Tourist information centre in Belley, or in the offices of Les Plans d’Hotonnes and Champagne en Valromey as well as in the shop Servi’Nature in Les Plans d’Hotonnes (prices vary between €1 and €3).

> 1 course for children:
– The fox course composed of 10 control markers

> 3 easy courses:
– The snail course 2.2 km and 12 control markers
– The sheep course 3.5 km and 13 control markers
– The rabbit course 4.8 km and 16 control markers

> 2 more technical courses requiring orienteering competition background:
– The deer course 3.7 km and 14 control markers
– The wild boar course 4.5 km and 16 control markers

2018 OOcup teaser

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