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Family outings

Family outings

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From 01/04 to 03/11
Parcours Adventure du Bugey

At an altitude of 1000m the Parcours Adventure du Bugey is located amongst the Spruce trees that surround Lake Angeville on the Hauteville Plateau an...


Museum of the natural reserve

A modern, interactive exhibition to help visitors to understand the fauna and flora of the marsh, its history, how it was formed and how it is managed...

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From 01/01 to 31/12
Maison des jeux


House of Izieu, Memorial of the exterminated Jewish children

The Maison d’Izieu commemorates the Jewish children who took shelter here from Nazi forces during World War II. 44 of these children were deported an...

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Astronomical observatory

Discover the stars with the observatory! It has advanced equipment, fun workshops and welcomes you day or evening. Observations, planetarium, Way of t...

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The 17/01
The Rothonne forest

Situated just 2.5km south of the town of Belley the Rotonne Forest is an ideal place for a family day out!

Arboys en Bugey

The 17/01
Baby Poney

La Balme-les-Grottes

Les Grottes de la Balme

Dare to try the adventure inside.. Suspense, mystery, and a meeting with the bats is what's in store for this guided visit of 75 minutes, suitable for...

04 74 96 95 00


Génissiat Dam

Europe’s first major hydroelectric dam. The construction began in 1936 and it was finished in 1948. Things to see: the surface spillway on the right b...


From 15/04 to 22/10
Bugey Railbikes

Bugey Railbikes offer you the really unusual experience of journeying along the former railway line which linked Bugey and Dauphiné on railbikes!


From 01/01 to 31/12
Poney Club La Tribu d'Eponel


Mini-ferme du Marais

At the entrance of the Lavours marshes nature reserve, pretty shaded walk to discover the animals of our farm (cows, pigs, donkeys, horses, sheep, goa...

04 79 42 24 35


Nature reserve of Lavours marsh.

The Lavours Marsh is one of the last remaining giant marshlands in continental Western Europe. Located near Ceyzérieu in the shadow of the Grand Colo...

04 79 87 90 39

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