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Lakes with lifeguards

Lakes with lifeguards

Bugey Sud has lots places where you can bathe safely including Lakes Barterand at Pollieu and Virieu-le-Grand, as well as artificial lakes at Culoz and Glandieu.

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Glandieu water body


Near the village of Glandieu, small family lake with picnic area.

Stretch of water and leisure center of Culoz


Located in a wooded area in the delightful town of Culoz this outdoor activity centre has all you will need for a relaxing break. There is swimming, mini golf, an assault course, tennis and...

Lake Virieu-Le-Grand


Lake Virieu-le-Grand is a beautiful tree lined lake in the heart of rural Bugey. The lake covers an area of 4 hectares and is 15m deep in places and is much loved by both anglers and swimme...

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