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There are several beautiful waterfalls in Bugey Sud for a refreshing interlude on a hot summer’s day or to enjoy an exhilarating sight in any season: waterfall of Glandieu, Clairefontaine and waterfall of Cerveyrieu.

Glandieu is undoubtedly the favourite among Bugey Sud’s waterfalls, with its impressive 60-metre chute of cascading waters.
Clairefontaine at Virieu-le-Grand and Cerveyrieu in the Artemare area are equally magnificent sights.
The whole of Bugey is teeming with lesser known but just as pretty chutes such as the Cascade des Dards at Cheignieu-la-Balme and the Biez-des-Cruies waterfalls at Contrevoz.
These unspoilt beauty spots make a wonderful destination for country walks.
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Cascade de Cerveyrieu

An impressive 60-metre high waterfall where the turbulent waters of the Séran, a river ranked first-rate for trout fishing above the village of Artem...


Thurignin Gorges

An unspoiled site nearly half a kilometre in length, where the Séran has hewn out a succession of potholes linked by deep, narrow clefts in the rock d...

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Pain de Sucre

Unusual conical stalagmite of 6 metres high, located in a large remote area, built over thousands of years by the Brise limestone water. Marvellous w...

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Waterfall of Dards

The waterefall is located in the woods of Cheignieu-la-Balme. (Be careful, the access to the waterfall can be difficult and non-secure. Not recomme...

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Groslée - Saint-Benoît

Waterfall of Glandieu

Located just outside of the village of Saint-Benoît the Glandieu Waterfall is really spectacular with water gushing from 60m above. It is easily acce...

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Haut Valromey

Puits des Tines

The Tines well is a waterfall located between the commune of Champagne-en-Varlromey, in the hamlet of Lilignod and that of Valromey-sur-Séran, from th...

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Haut Valromey

Pont des Tines

Le Pont des Tines (The Tines bridge) is a geological feature located between the villages of Haut-Valromey and Ruffieu. This small canyon covered with...

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Waterfall of Clairefontaine

A poetic name for an idyllic setting. Located on the Arène river, the Clairefontaine waterfall puts on a magical show in winter when it glistens with ...

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