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Most of Bugey’s villages have retained their traditional architecture: stone houses with stone slate roofs and stepped gables, vineyard shelters (‘grangeons’), communal ovens, washing houses, fountains, churches and chapels.

There are 41 parishes in Bugey Sud :

Ambléon, Andert-Condon, Arbignieu, Armix, Artemare, Belley, Béon, Brégnier-Cordon, Brens, Ceyzérieu, Chazey-Bons, Cheignieu-la-Balme, Colomieu, Contrevoz, Conzieu, Cressin-Rochefort,Culoz, Cuzieu, Flaxieu, Izieu, La Burbanche, Lavours, Magnieu, Marignieu, Massignieu-de-Rives, Murs-et-Gélignieux, Nattages, Parves, Peyrieu, Pollieu, Prémeyzel, Pugieu, Rossillon, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Bois, Saint Champ, Saint Germain les Paroisses, Saint Martin-de-Bavel, Virieu-le-Grand, Virignin, Vongnes.

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