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Exhibitions, talks, concerts, festivals, shows, local ‘Oven Festivals’, bingo, discos nights, guided tours, and more.

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The 10/03
Sale of white puddings

Sale of white puddings


The 14/03
IABU Conference: "Secularism in our time - Principles and diversity"

The Inter-Age University of Bugey offers you a conference on the theme of secularism today. Speaker : Nicole Dockes


The 15/03
Interactive Magic Show "Magic Box"

We have a good start, an extraordinary end... The rest of the show depends on you... It's up to you... Tonight you do the show and are in the MagicB...


The 15/03
Meeting France Alzheimer

Information meetings organized by the Belley Bas Bugey branch of the France Alzheimer de l'Ain association.


The 16/03
Concert with Belley's Harmony

Sale of white puddings


The 23/03
Theater play "Art"

They're three friends. Their names are Marc, Serge and Yvan. They have been friends for thirty years until the day Serge buys an all-white painting (...

Groslée - Saint-Benoît

The 29/03
Open scenes

Bugey Sud Actif offers you open scenes: the principle is simple! You are a musician, storyteller, magician, amateur or professional slammer, experien...


The 30/03
Dancing buffet of the Blood Donors' Association

The Amicale des Donors de Sang du Valromey organizes its annual buffet dance, hosted by the Jacky Guilloux Orchestra.


The 31/03
4th Grand Prix du Lit au Roi


From 03 to 05/04
Salon Smile


From 05 to 07/04
16th edition of Bugey'Expo: "arts and crafts"

For this 16th edition, the theme of Bugey Expo will be "Métiers d'art". Carrying the desire to perpetuate the discovery of local know-how, the organiz...


The 12/04
One woman show "Caroline Vigneaux s'warm up"

Blending finesse and excess, Caroline Vigneaux offers us a new One Woman Show, in which the word "show" takes all its meaning.

Haut Valromey

The 13/04
Egg hunting

The association Aigle loisirs en Valromey offers you an egg hunt in the village of Hotonnes


The 16/04
Blood donation

I give blood, I save lives.

Oocup 2018
Oocup 2018

From 25 to 29 July, between Hauteville-Lompnès and Les Plans d'Hotonnes, come and take part in the Oocup, an international orienteering race in competition.

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