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Exhibitions, talks, concerts, festivals, shows, local ‘Oven Festivals’, bingo, discos nights, guided tours, and more.

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The 16/03
9th edition of the "Behind the Scenes" Festival

Ciné-Rencontre and Cinébus present the 9th edition of the Champagne festival in Valromey. Come and discover the professions of cinema often unknown to...


The 16/03
March Concert

L'Harmonie l'Arène de Virieu-le Grand offers you a concert with the Belley Harmony Orchestra.


From 17 to 19/03
Spring Film Festival

The cinema L'Arlequin celebrates the springtime of cinema!


From 18/03 to 24/06
Botanical workshop

The Bugey Naturalists Society offers you a botanical workshop. The workshop is open to all, come in large numbers!


The 22/03
Poetry evening and musical tale

Bugey Sud Actif invites you to liven up your evening with a poetry evening with your compositions and a musical tale "Les mirrors d'Orient".


The 23/03
Theater play "Art"

They're three friends. Their names are Marc, Serge and Yvan. They have been friends for thirty years until the day Serge buys an all-white painting (...


The 26/03
Musical conversation: Chicken strand

Bugey Sud Actif invites you to liven up your evening with a musical chat: "Brin de Poulettes"

Groslée - Saint-Benoît

The 29/03
Open scenes

Bugey Sud Actif offers you open scenes: the principle is simple! You are a musician, storyteller, magician, amateur or professional slammer, experien...


From 29/03 to 01/04
Open house days la Maison Angelot (Vineyard)

The Maison Angelot opens its doors for a visit of the vineyard and wine tasting.


From 29 to 31/03
Drumcircle: introduction to the animation of Drum Circles

Make harmony easier in groups and lead drumming circles with this training led by Serge Bertrand. A "drumcircle" or drum circle is a fun jam session ...


The 30/03
Dancing buffet of the Blood Donors' Association

The Amicale des Donors de Sang du Valromey organizes its annual buffet dance, hosted by the Jacky Guilloux Orchestra.


From 30 to 31/03
Meditation, yoga and Egyptian dance class

Yoga, dance and meditation class with Ainhoa Izagirre and Caroline Chevat, which will take place at the Ginkgo. By registration only.


The 30/03
Botanical outings in Bugey Sud

The Bugey Naturalists Society organizes botanical outings to introduce you to the Bugey's flora. Open to all.


The 30/03
Botanical outing

The Société des Naturalistes du Bugey offers you an outing to discover the trees and shrubs of the city's parks and gardens.

Oocup 2018
Oocup 2018

From 25 to 29 July, between Hauteville-Lompnès and Les Plans d'Hotonnes, come and take part in the Oocup, an international orienteering race in competition.

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