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Exhibitions, talks, concerts, festivals, shows, local ‘Oven Festivals’, bingo, discos nights, guided tours, and more.

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From 05/11/2018 to 31/03
Exhibition "L'Ain au menu. An art of gastronomy"

A savoury journey through hundreds of menus which evoke family celebrations, associative or official meals, cruises... and which bear witness to the e...

Haut Valromey

From 28/12/2018 to 31/03
Expo photo "Bugey Nature" à la Maison des Plans

Jerôme Dauvergne, amateur photographer, invites you to discover stunning shots of the Bugey in all seasons and in all its forms.


From 01/01 to 31/12
Weekly flea market

Weekly flea market reserved for the private individuals.


From 07/01 to 20/12
Day sun observation

A wonderful guided tour to discover the fabulous activity of the sun thanks to astronomical telescope. Our star reveals: protuberances, spots and ora...


From 11/01 to 27/02
Exhibition: "True Stories of Bugey"

The Bugey Sud community of municipalities invites you to come and discover the "True Stories of Bugey" exhibition.


From 19/01 to 15/03
"IMMERSION": photo exhibition by Alain Girard

"IMMERSION": photo exhibition by Alain Girard. Opening on Saturday 19 janvier


From 01/02 to 22/06
Photo contest: "Memories of yesteryear"

The retirement residence "Les jardins de Médicis" organizes a large photo competition with the aim of facilitating social ties and intergenerational e...

Haut Valromey

From 09/02 to 31/03
Boite à livres - Spécial vacances

Haut Valromey

From 09/02 to 10/03
Visite de la bergerie "Au rythme du troupeau"

Pierre and Priscilla invite you to discover their pastoral activity through their sheepfold that they will show you. Goats and sheep are waiting, youn...


From 16/02 to 03/03
All technical internships at Atelier Les Biz'arts

Artistic internship in all techniques at Atelier les Biz'arts, by Colette Sonzogni. Material provided

Haut Valromey

From 18/02 to 01/03
Vacances d'hiver avec Aigle Loisirs en Valromey

The Association Aigle proposes fifteen days of madness where there will be plenty of activities. The themes will be: head in the stars and a little ri...


From 19/02 to 01/03
Nature activities for children - Maison du Marais

The Maison du marais offers nature activities for children and teenagers.


From 23 to 24/02
La Retordica

French championship sled race for Siberian huskies, with spectacular departures outside the Auberge de Cuvéry.

Haut Valromey

From 23/02 to 03/03
Balade en poney dans la neige


From 23 to 24/02
Ovens Festival

The Lavours Festival Committee invites you to the traditional "Fête des fours". Breads, pizzas, salted, flamenco, saveloy brioche, cream brioches and ...


The 23/02
Sale diots-polenta

The Virignin Fire Brigade offers you a sale of diots, polenta and mulled wine!


The 23/02
Paye ta mouss''.

The Valromey en scène association is organizing the second edition of Paye ta mouss'.

Oocup 2018
Oocup 2018

From 25 to 29 July, between Hauteville-Lompnès and Les Plans d'Hotonnes, come and take part in the Oocup, an international orienteering race in competition.

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